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Berenice, 23

Not only have I gone UP in weights, but I've also INCREASED the number of reps I can do in a set. Hah, I love making progress.

She's the type of trainer who legitimately cares about her clients, and instead of making them feel like they're not capable, she goes out of her way to find small achievements in every move.  ​


Rita, 68

If I felt any better I'd be illegal!


Claudia, 49

"I've been working out in gyms for years and this is the first time I've felt this good in a long time.  Not only did I reach my goals, I've set a whole new set of them with Nikita and I feel stronger and lighter and less pain every day 


Daniela, 30

I keep returning because she gets me pain free in one session.  

Her attention to detail is spot on, as she aims to support my form through exercises.  I always feel 100% supported by Nikita. 

She always makes the environment comfortable.  


Brady, 32

Definitely go see Nikita!  I no longer suffer from low back pain since working with her.

For 3 years my lower back and hip hurt from driving to much, I’ve tried yoga and PT but still not much difference (I still do yoga though) ... long story short, after 2 visits I felt less pressure in my hips and back, I could lay down with no more pain.. now into my second month my body is feeling and looking so much better. Really go see Nikita! 


Nikita has worked with me through whiplash, concussions, bad mechanics, bad posture, and a ton of other physical problems I had going on.  She helped me develop healthy eating habits (as well as kept me accountable when it came to what went into my body), and she helped me discover a passion towards healthy living.  She's the type of trainer who legitimately cares about her clients, and instead of making them feel like they're not capable, she goes out of her way to find small achievements in every move.   


At this moment I train with Nikita one on one but I have done group training before, and in both settings she always finds alternative ways to explain what she wants to see, and she will get down on the floor and adjust you to help you acheive maximum results.


Albeit, this type of training is not the most traditional, but to me, it has shown to be the most effective.  When I met Nikita I was a size 12, almost 14, wieghed around 180 lbs, and had a 32% body fat.  Give it 8 months later, I went down to a size 4, weighed 132 lbs and had 18% body fat.  Those are the results that she helped me make possible.  I share those numbers because I know a lot of people looking for trainers want to see them, but honestly, beyond logistics, genuine care is a big thing (as well as honesty and gentle straightforwardness).  I got lucky when it came to finding a trainer, I was at the right place at the right time, but if you're actually reading this and seriously considering trying this out, I'd say go for it because it's not something I can find anyone regretting.


I have struggled with knee, shin and calf pain for several years now, and I always attributed it to extra weight I was carrying around. Nikita has helped me discover it had more to do with a weak core and hypermobility that led me to lock out my knees and push my pelvis too far forward. We have started to really make progress correcting it and I feel lighter on my feet than I can ever remember.


I’ll be honest — I wasn’t totally sure about this at first. As someone who has seen a personal trainer for the last 6-7 years, this is the opposite of what I’m used to doing at training. I might only do 2-3 different moves in one session, but truly the progress I’ve made in the last six weeks is more than I’ve made in all those years.

I don’t say this often, but with this work the phrase “Trust the process” is really applicable. Nikita knows what she’s looking at, she’s encouraging and patient, and I’m excited to keep working with her.

Kelcie, 32, ID

Nikita Madison was patient and encouraging... I scheduled my free personal training session and met with Nikita. We started working together on August 8th. 

With her guidance and motivation I was able to begin a program of physical training and nutritional discipline.

When I first came in I was a size 36-38 waist depending on the brand, completely sedentary, weighed 210lbs and had 21% body fat. 

After 90 days of training hard with Nikita once a week, eating clean, and taking two classes a week I’m down to a size 32, active in all aspects of my life, weigh 188lbs, and my body fat is somewhere in the 17% range. I’ve never felt as good as I do today in my life.

Without the professionalism and experience of my personal trainer Nikita, I wouldn’t be reaching these goals and setting new ones. I get to learn something new everyday and I get to see other lives changing around me. The positive environment is contagious!


The best thing is that I have a professional, understanding, and passionate trainer who continually tailors a program to my needs and abilities that I can reach out to with any questions.   


Nikita's level of experience and expertise is unmatched.


Nikita was excellent to train with.  Great balance of exercises I want to do and what she knew I truly needed.  Learning how to do it right is an important part of success!


I came to her with a few simple goals; flexibility, balance, and core strength.  

Nikita is much more than a personal trainer. She meets you where you are at each day and makes the workout strenuous without over-doing it. 


She has worked with both of us usually 2-4 hours per week for 4 years. 

Our neurologist can attest to significant improvements in

overall cognitive and mobile functions in Bruce. 

From hip surgery to multiple knee issues, shoulder injuries, neck, hip and low back problems we have worked through all of it to see pain free movement almost every day which is something I never believed either of us could have again. 


Nikita’s knowledge & enthusiasm for what she does is unsurpassed. Being around her boosts your own enthusiasm. And if this wasn’t enough, functional exercising is the bomb. Be ready for a new experience as this training is like no other you might have done in the past. 

As simple as these movements appear, your mind & body are challenged! 


I love working out with Nikita because she is very knowledgable on the newest most current advancements to the practice. 

Her integration of techniques is very skilled, as she always provides a rationale as to what she's targeting and why.  Her attention to detail is spot on, as she aims to support my form through exercises.  

I always feel 100% supported by Nikita.  She always makes the environment comfortable. She makes effective use of the time that we have together as she is always studying her clients patterns.  She is very analytical and a critical thinker.  

She problem solves through any aches or pains that I have.  I keep returning because she gets me pain free in one session.  

She understands that we naturally revert to old movement patterns in our daily life with stress, jobs, etc. and she works through it to help lessen the impact on the joints and spine to move functionally and pain free.


Nikita is amazing.  She has taught me so much about biomechanics and my body in general.  She is precise, thorough, explains everything in detail, courteous and overall an amazing person and I enjoy working with her. 


She listens to her clients and works with them towards their goals.  She is very honest and encouraging and that shows with each session. 


Her knowledge of human biomechanics was evident in our sessions and she also assisted me to incorporate our sessions into my daily workout routine.  Nikita is the person you want when it comes to your fitness goals.


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