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What Training with Boise Biomechanics Will Do For You:

Improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health

Decompress your spine and help stabilize your pelvis

Reduce the risk of injury

Offer you a natural alternative to low back pain treatment

Sciatica pain relief

Help you move better by syncing up the right muscle chains

Relieve back pain by connecting the body 

What Clients of Boise Biomechanics Are Seeking:

Joint and back pain relief

Wants to improve poor posture

Sustainable and Simple tools to get moving

Workout community

Healthy living resources in a clown world

Strengthen and tone

Injury prevention

Looking to improve athletic performance

Wanting to create better movement patterns


Who Trains with Boise Biomechanics? 


People of all shapes and sizes, from the elderly to young tweens; average Joe's to professional athletes are all turning towards our practice because they've found endogenous and sustainable solutions to chronic pain.  We offer individualized instruction tailored around what you need most at this time in order make sure that our time together is advantageous. 

Patrick and I help to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and with enough weight or resistance. We ask about how your body feels, so we can adjust accordingly for a better experience

We believe in positivity along with building confidence and self-esteem. We are not drill sergeants, but rather dedicated instructors who work hard to make your workouts enjoyable

Let's Break The Cycle of Dysfunction!

We are living in an age where physical activity has become culturally undesirable. The foundation of our movement is breathing, walking, running, and throwing but many people have fallen victim to sedentary lifestyles that constrain their range of motion and cause pain all over the body--including joints-which can lead them into injury or more serious complications

We are creatures of habit. The more we repeat dysfunctional movement patterns, the more accustomed our bodies become to holding on to them. It’s time for a change

The Functional Patterns system is an excellent way to increase strength and decrease pain in your body. It will improve posture, help you lose weight, give better energy levels for daily tasks - all without tiring easily like other forms of exercise or triggering low back pain.

“no pain, no gain” is a common saying that doesn't always hold true. In fact an effective workout can and should be fun because if you're having an enjoyable experience during exercise the more likely you are to stick with a regular physical activity routine.


Get in Shape Without Joint Pain

There are many mental health benefits to joining a fitness group. Not only will you get in shape, but the feeling of teamwork and camaraderie that comes with it can help foster motivation for difficult tasks or goals as well


When you work out with your friends, it can become easier and more habit-forming. You are not just getting a workout partner but also the encouragement of someone who understands what's going on in that moment which makes all those tough workouts seem worth while

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