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Kettlebell Workout


The body is made up of myofascial merdians (lines of connectivity) creating slings or fluid spiraling chains of

musculature that move us through space in a

three dimensional way with a natural and rhythmic flow

When the training program isolates muscles and muscle groups to fire, function, or activate without connecting the whole body to the movement, the fascial lines become disconnected, dehydrated and less functional in performing the gait cycle

(the sequence of joints and bones the body makes through walking, running, and throwing). 

This results in aches and pains and injuries that

could have easily been prevented by moving in a

connected, sequenced, and mechanistic fashion  


This is how we train.  When you ask the body to perform according to it's biological blueprint you receive benefits like never before.

The same line of thinking goes for traditional static stretching methods performed either before or after the workout.  Without applying an equal and opposite re-tensioning of muscle fibers opposing the stretched area, the body is left hyperflaccid, hypermobile, stressed, compressed, and compromised.

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