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What's an Animal Based Diet?

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Just as kind of a public service announcement; here's us sharing our lives as enthusiastic meat-eaters similar to the ancestral diets (sans peptides and steroids, etc). We focus on optimizing our lifestyle around sustainable habits that make the challenging total body workouts both doable and fun.

We encourage our clients to not just take our word for it but (with doctor's permission of course) experiment intuitively with their diets as well. In our personal experience, eating an animal-based diet (red meat mainly grass fed, grass finished, tallow, grass-fed raw dairy, honey and fruit) helps immensely. Many don't follow this specific protocol and they do just fine here as well.

Please don't feel pressured by this movement. Just like vegans and vegetarians, we simply want to remind people that there are options in the health and wellness community. Some encourage not eating meat while we encourage a lifestyle not consuming seed oils, grains, poly-unsaturated fats, and artificial sugars.

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