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If you're interested in pain relief, post-op strength, movement improvements, and neurological benefits maybe try working with Nikita. 
My workout design involves a meticulous step by step process to ensure results you can see but requires a lot of mental energy, focus, concentration and thinking on the workout floor. 


My husband Patrick's workouts are designed to be lighthearted and group-oriented while still getting results and moving pain free. Some people just want to sweat it out and get on to the next part of their day feeling accomplished as well as worked!  Those who like to workout with a partner, on a time crunch, or in a group often choose Patrick. 

Either way,  we will spend an assessment together to analyze your training style preferences and confirm that we are a good fit. You'll have a chance to see what working with me is like and what working with Patrick is like then decide if training your body the way we evolved to move is something you're into.
If you aspire to move pain-free for the rest of your life, then you might
find your tribe and your best self here. Being the best you can be involves moving the way nature intended.  

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